Motion technology for drawers and pull-outs

The perfect partnership of product design and functionality for handle-less design

Every kitchen and living area has different requirements in terms of design and functionality. Blum’s comprehensive product offer provides endless possibilities and exciting scope for new and creative interior designs.

Today handle-less furniture is a must for the kitchen and many living areas throughout the home. Furniture fronts without handle, large expansive surfaces, clear cut design and minimal gaps create a smooth uninterrupted look and are beautiful characteristics of handle-less design.

Blum offers fitting solutions that inspire and support this trend allowing unique design ideas to be carried through to furniture interiors. Blum also realises that the functionality of furniture is particularly important for everyday use, it needs to promote ergonomic workflows, provide enough storage space and be easy to use.

Blum’s innovative motion technologies not only make furniture more practical but when combined with Blum fittings create endless possibilities for handle-less furniture design and achieves high quality of motion with impressive ease of use.

Blum’s motion technologies enable a small front gap of just 2.5mm for handle-less lift systems, doors and pull-outs. All four motion technologies, BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION and TIP-ON can be combined as required extending the possibilities for handle-less designs throughout the kitchen and home.

Blum fittings and motion technologies provide options to design, plan and realise handle-less furniture possibilities and create furniture tailored to individual user needs, taste and style.

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