Black Glass in built Wall wine cabinet By DeLonghi

The Black Glass Inbuilt Wall Wine Cabinet by DeLonghi is the ideal appliance for storing your fine wines. The cabinet is available with either a Black Glass or a Stainless Steel door design. The cabinet has a bottle capacity of 22 for the conventional 750ml Bordeaux style bottles, discretely displaying the bottles on three wooden shelves. Together with the use of modern materials, the electronic touch controls uphold the designer and luxury quality that Delonghi has benchmarked over the years. The cabinet temperature range is 5 to 18 degrees Celsius. The Black Glass Inbuilt Wall Wine cabinet is perfect for those who are lovers of wine and lovers of good design.


Dimensions 450x560x540mm + Net Weight of 27 kg + Input power 65-70kW + Maximum bottle capacity of 22 + 5 to 18 degrees Celcius temperature range 


Sleek and modern + Option of Stainless Steel or Black Glass + temperature range ensures that wine is kept in the best environment + Plentiful storage space

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