Mirage Square Cut 3051 ™

The Mirage Square Cut 3051™ perimeter framed pivoting shower screen system elevates design and functionality to a whole new level. Utilising a captive stainless steel pivot pin, the Mirage Square Cut 3051TM Shower Screen System features a low friction design mechanism, providing the benefit of easy, whisper quiet operation. With space often at a premium in bathrooms, the 180 degree swing is a welcomed feature, allowing for maximum use of your bathroom area. No detail has been spared- the smooth contoured profiles minimise residue accumulation, while the option for magnetic seal closures maximises water splash resistance. With an extensive range of handles available in gold, chrome and satin chrome plated finishes, and anti- bacterial clear and colour matched glazing vinyl, the Mirage Square Cut 3051™ Shower Screen System belongs in your bathroom.

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