T + A Elektroakoustik P1260 R Audiophile Pre-Amplifier

The P1260 R Audiophile Pre-Amplifier was selected by Hi-Fi Magazine as device of the year for six consecutive years without any modifications by the company. T & A has succeeded in improving it further by introduction of P1260 R Audiophile Pre-Amplifier. This system is the latest generation of audio operational amplifiers and is crucial for sound generation. They are mounted on their own double sided circuit board with power plane, constant current by-pass and voltage de-coupling to ensure that the op-amps have perfect conditions for unprecedented sound quality as well as the latest high end components.

Sophisticated design feature OAD – Op Amp Decoupling + Seven line level inputs, with two input buffers for high impedance, television and tape + Option to upgrade from manual control to a central remote control system with R-series pre-amplifiers and integrated amplifiers

Has subsonic filter: 14 dB + Intermodulation: more than 0,001% + Total harmonic distortion: more than 0,001 % + Channel separation: less than 90 dB + Input sensitivity nominal – high level – 250 mV / 20 kOhm + Heaphone Output: 50 Ohm + Weight: 7 kg + Available in silver aluminium or black finish + Optional remote control

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