Poster Display Range by SignLink

SignLink’s poster display range offers a variety of models each specified to cater a range of applications.  Solutions include the Avante Garde, which at 6mm thick is a streamlined display ideal for internal office usage.  For areas subject to rough treatment such as nightclubs and pubs, the Panorama is a sturdy frame that can accept multiple posters.  These models are available in custom sizes and colours or in standard a5 to a0 sizes.  In smaller scale scenarios, the Alpha is a simple and cost effective frame that allows for edge to edge display of posters up to a3 in size.  The Alpha can be used for anything from evacuation plans to business hours and exam notices.  Options for all models include removeable covers, doors and pivot covers with a standard satin natural anodised silver finish.





Custom size + Custom colour + All models available with removable covers, doors and pivot covers + Magnetic covers available




Standard satin natural anodised silver finish




PD901 Alpha + PD910 Avante Garde + PD920 Displaymax + PD925 Infopanel Poster Display + PD930 Grandeur + PD940 Double-sided Grandeur + PD950 Panache + PD960 Panorama + PD970 Portfolio


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