Known as iGirouette, these animated signposts are what are deployed in Europe’s leading Smart Cities projects. They are made in France by Charvet, a well-respected premium signage manufacturer responsible for much of the transit signage in Western Europe.

These signposts help point your visitors in the right direction literally, whether on a pre-programmed rotation or on demand through a handheld app. Perfect for precincts with multiple points of interest they can encourage the download of a local app full of information useful for the visitor. They are particularly brilliant for areas with scores of possible shopping destinations, for tourist sites with multiple historic markers or for large campuses with multiple destinations like universities or hospitals.

In fact, once you put your mind to it there are plenty of applications for iGirouette. The kind of purpose for which these signs have been successfully deployed in Europe are Smart City blocks, shopping centres, tourist precincts, strip shopping zones, zoos, theme parks, universities, railway stations, sports stadiums, ski villages, race tracks, and more. Some are even deployed casually for large trade shows.

CI is the exclusive agent for this product in Australia, and enquiry is welcome from all architects and designers as well as direct from local government, state government, universities, schools, hospitals and sporting facilities.

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