NUVO Multi-room Audio System

Designed by musicians, NUVO is a state-of-the-art multi-source multi-zone distributed audio system. It offers higher quality audio streaming than popular DIY wireless

The Nuvo multi-room audio system from Legrand delivers a completely integrated approach when it comes to home audio, music streaming, outstanding sound and convenience.

For music lovers, Legrand’s state-of-the-art Nuvo multi-source, multi-zone distributed audio system can be integrated into the home automation system for an incredible, musician-designed sound experience.

With supreme quality audio streaming, the wireless player amplifiers are optimized for lossless digital signal flow. It also allows for customization across rooms, so everyone can listen to different tunes simultaneously wherever they are in the home.


Nuvo is the perfect entertainment buddy, allowing users to dim the lights, crank up the tunes and light up the garden for the ideal party setting.

  • Integrated home music system
  • Listen to different tunes simultaneously
  • Blutooth connectivity and ports to suit a broad range of inputs

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