Internal Duo Intercom for Shared Accommodation Facilities

The Farfisa DUO Intercom System is an innovative 2-wire digital system for audio, B&W and colour video intercom installations in modern homes, shared accommodation and residences. Video and audio signals, door latch operation and other function commands are transmitted over 2 non-polarised wires for simple connection and improved future maintenance of installation. The range continues to evolve with bold modern aesthetics and enriched features seen in the Farfisa Echos and Exhito internal units and the Profilo door stations that integrate existing Compact and Matrix units also available through PSA Products.  


Made in Italy  +  Continuous system evolution  +  Reduced intercom installation time and costs  +  High performance  +  Multiple main and secondary door stations  +  Minimized connection errors  


Aluminium standard call panels  +  Stainless steel vandal proof panels are available  +  Stylish handset monitors available to suit most décors  +  Designed for apartments, multi-storey dwellings and shared accommodation  

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