Nuvera 120 MX Digital Production System

The Nuvera 120 MX Digital Production System is a scalable, modular printing solution which maximises productivity in print environment and transaction publishing workflows. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) technology supports cheque and transactional printing, and the system also extends enterprise capabilities by streamlining tasks that blend promotional and transactional elements. The Nuvera 120 MX Digital production System is backed by the Xerox Check Performance guarantee, covering state-of-the-art engineering, greater serviceability, increased uptime, and unsurpassed reliability. The incorporation of DocuSP software further enhances productivity, by facilitating smooth administration and comprehensive job programming.

High-volume production printing: 120 images/minute + Consistent uniformity provided by MICR laser printing + System monitored by SmartPress Sentry + Provides precise registration + Optimise workflow efficiency and the overall bottom line

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