Mobile Whiteboard by Customer Focused Solutions (CFS)

Customer Focused Solutions’ (CFS) Mobile whiteboard is a high quality product ideal for office, home, or commercial use. The mobile whiteboard – which comes in a convenient stand on wheels – is a simple presentation, meeting or training solution that comes in two finishes depending on frequency of use. A commercial finish is best for occasional use and comes with a 5 year warranty. While an alternative porcelain finish with a 25 year warranty will ensure your whiteboard is always smooth and easy to use even with high usage.  Depending on your budget or specifications, the mobile whiteboard is available for single and double sided use.   


Commercial finish or Porcelain finish  +  Single or double sided  


5 – 25 year warranty 


Webster walk & talk smart board range  +  Electronic whiteboard  +  Confidential whiteboard cabinet  +  Elegant 1 Board

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