Korporate Office Partitions


For an improvement in the office environment with the appeal of a modern interior, Studform have created Corporate Aluminium Partitioning Systems. The systems have been designed and manufactured for ease in specification, installation and maintenance. Customised parts and specific acoustic wall requirements – especially up to STC48 – can be accommodated. A solution for any office interior can be found with various options in glazing types, including centreline, frontline or double glazing systems, all with a slimline profile that can accommodate glass thicknesses from 6.00 mm – 12.38mm.  Corporate Aluminium Partitions systems also include recessed glazing wedges for an extra touch of sleekness and interchangeable components between other Studform series’ for versatility. The range covers almost any office interior scenario, including cost-efficient options and increased acoustic isolation for meeting spaces or courtrooms.

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