DocuWide 2050 Series

The DocuWide 2050 Series is an extremely versatile copier, plotter, and scanner, presenting a flexible, seamless solution with regards to CAD printing, scanning, copying, and engineering. Designed and built on a modular basis, the DocuWide 2050 Series can be used by small or large offices for the efficient production of extra-wide document printing and document management, with every model in the DocuWide 2050 Series boasting a maximum A1 and A0 output module.

Smooth precision operation + High-quality resolution + Speedy performance + Exceptionally versatile + Optimised document management

Network Protocols: TCP/IP (FTP, LPR) + Resolution: 15.7 dots/mm-31.4 dots/mm + Media type: recycled bond, ordinary bond, film, tracing paper + Memory Standard: 64 mb, can be expanded up to 128 mb + Output size: Cut Length (minimum): 297 mm- 5000 mm (maximum)

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