Duevel Venus Omnidirectional Loudspeaker

Duevel presents a variety of loudspeakers to customers who require only the best high end sound reproduction, including the Bella Luna ‘diamante’, Planets, Sirius and Venus. Venus is dry and deep with spatial sound and typical point source obsession potentiality: there are no burdensome pressures on the user’s ears, and the speakers are slimline and stylish enough to be kept anywhere in the house.

Omnidirectional 2-way-loudspeaker + Woofer: Carbon fibre cone diameter: 22 cm + Ferrit magnet 110 mm + Mid/high frequency textile dome: 34 mm and ferrit magnet 100 mm + Impedance: 4 Ohm + Sensitivity: 88 dB SPL + Dimension: 280 mm x 260 mm x height 970mm + Weight: 20kg + Five year warranty period

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