BG Radia Corp Z-Zeries High Performance Loudspeakers

The BG Radia Corp Z-Series high performance loudspeakers from Klang Audiovisual are elegant and stylish speakers which are adept at delivering amazing home theatre sound and faithful two channel music. The speakers make use of many innovations like planar ribbon technology which accurately reproduces the silky sounds of a classical guitar, the high impact sound front Hollywood movies or the hushed whisper of a human voice, making it a favourite with present leading designers. These are meticulously constructed systems with reinforced cabinets made from the finest hardwoods, for a beautiful, long-lasting appearance.

Crafted from the finest materials + Zero tolerance for any error and maximum desire for discrete high fidelity + Can turn modest multi channel home theatre systems into a powerhouse of sound and music + Quality craftsmanship at an affordable price + Exclusive planar ribbon technology produces a smooth soundstage irrespective of listening position

Monitor/Bookshelf, Active subwoofer, multipurpose and floor standing + Available in 5.25” woofer, two 5.25” woofer with aluminium cone, shielded + Weight: models vary from 13lbs, 22 lbs, 42 lbs and 56 lbs + Five year warranty for Z-sub I or life time warranty for other series

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