BG Radia Corp RT-6 In-Ceiling Speakers

BG is the world leader in planar ribbon loudspeakers, and the RT range is no exception. These are new and highly affordable custom speakers which can accommodate any budget, combining patented technology with the latest design and manufacturing techniques. This allows BG to offer the customer an exceptional class custom sound system across a range of three easy-to-install models: RT-6 rectangular in-wall speakers, RT-6C round in ceiling speaker and RT-6CJ.

The system has lifetime warranty with quality construction and each model features screw actuated glass filled dog clamps for instant sure installation + Patented planar ribbon tweeters based on BG’s award winning design + Planar ribbon technology offers smooth and balanced coverage for the entire listening area with extra wide sweet spot to enjoy + High performance woofers are available with poly composite cone and rubber which are surrounded with extended bass

Overall dimensions of RT -6: 8 9/16” x 11 7/8”; RT-6V is 8 13/16” x 4 ½” + Dimensions for RT-6CJ: 8 13/16” x 4 ½” + Weight for RT-6 and RT-6c: 4 lbs + Weight of RT-6CJ: 3.5 lbs + Lifetime warranty + Power handling for all is 80 W RMS

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