BG Radia Corp Radia R-800P Architectural Speaker

BG Radio Corp presents the award winning Radia R-800 P, the finest design and engineered technology provided in an architectural loudspeakers. This amazing system is consistent with the BG legacy of line source with new levels of sensitivity, accuracy and output with the finest free standing loudspeakers. With their elegant appearance and sonic fidelity, these loudspeakers are suitable for either critical music listening or for home theatres. The Radio R-800 P Architectural Speaker features NEO 10, a 10’ x 5 ‘ planar ribbon midrange driver, which exists as per the proprietary and patented technology of the company.

Three way discrete line array in-wall loudspeaker + Dimensions: 81.5”x11.58”x3.7”/1.2” + Weight: 32 kg + Wall cut out size: 1992mm x 264 mm + Driver complement: LF is 2-8”woofers in controlled directivity array, MF is 6-Neo10 planar ribbon line array and HF is 16 Neo3PDRW planar ribbon line array + Frequency response: 57 Hz – 25 kHz + Power handling: 500 W (AES) and 1000 W max (long term IEC 60286-5) + Limited lifetime warranty period

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