BG Radia Corp PD-8i In-Wall Speaker

The PD- 8i In-Wall Spekaer is the largest and most powerful wall model presented by BG Radia Corp, capable of filling large spaces with natural sound. Each part of the system has unique features. The Neo 3PDR planar ribbon tweeter is installed to deliver a broad, well defined soundstage for the entire listening area. To add to its marvellous dispersion and resolution, the PD-8i has an innovative woofer which has high excursion capabilities and low distortion levels. The high tech woofer design uses compact Neodymium magnets which offer an acoustically transparent woofer chassis to improve the midrange clarity by eliminating sound reflections behind the woofer.

Kevlar cone woofers offer two channel clarity and are known to achieve extreme dynamics + PD-8i wall speakers are crafted with high impact and poly-composite frames suitable for the entire house. + Clean, clear and smooth, offering high performance in wall or ceiling sound systems + Easy to install, powerful and offer a wide range of area listening environments

Installed depth is 3 7/8” from surface with nominal impedance of 8 ohms and frequency response of 50 Hz – 25 kHz + Power handling of 100 W RMS and sensitivity of 88 dB/1W/1M + PD series loudspeakers use high quality glass filled composite dog toggle clamps for easy mounting + Lifetime warranty.

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