BG Radia Corp 520i Freestanding Loudspeaker

The 520i freestanding loudspeaker by BG Radio is the most versatile loudspeaker available, offering excellent power handling with dynamic peaks and long term reliability. This speaker incorporates a 50 inch planar ribbon line source driver with a linear push-pull motor to drive an ultra light diaphragm above a passive crossover point of 350Hz. The speaker is housed in a custom, black-anodised aluminium tower with an MDF base and finished with a striking wear resistant coating, to give it a long life warranty.

Dynamic, smooth and ultra clean + Cylindrical sound field, eliminating unwanted mid and high frequency floor and ceiling reflections + Accurately reproduces dynamic peaks at high power for realistic reproduction + Loudspeaker has planar ribbon drivers which offer amazing clarity, fidelity and resolution + MDF enclosure housing the mid bass drivers and crossover components.

Planar driver finished with a black fabric grille and black anodised tower + Maximum power: 50 – 250 watts + Frequency response: 70 Hz-20kHz + Crossover frequency: 350 Hz + Dimensions: 70.25” x 9.25” x 13.25” base 13.75” x 17.75” + Weight: 59 lbs

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