BG Radia Corp 201i Active Subwoofer

The 201i Active Subwoofer is a clean, sonically accurate and powerful system offered by BG Radia Corp. It is a highly innovative system that adds weight and depth making the finest sound systems even more engaging. Dual woofers are mechanically coupled through a rigid cylindrical housing which are electrically connected and are mounted with the cones facing opposite directions. The reactive forces of each woofer cancels out the another and allow for tight bass notes which are found in the leading designs in the world.

Crafted from the finest materials + Discrete high fidelity + Stunning sound, unique style and a world renowned design + Design eliminates any unwanted vibration for instant and accurate sound + Amplifier delivers 500 watt RMS with transient peaks beyond 1,000 watts + Two 10 inch Kevlar woofers approximate the output of a conventional 15 inch subwoofer

Frequency response: -6 dB, half space 20 Hz-150Hz + Amplifier power: 500 watt RMS with watt peak of 1000 + Driver complement: 2-10 Kevlar woofers, and 1- 500 watt amplifier with switching power supply + Dimensions: 14.69” x 16.25” x 17.5” + Weight: 62 lbs + Black finish + 5-year warranty period

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