The beauty of Real Wood and the ease of laminate

Treefrog Veneer is a complete selection of 49 real wood veneer laminates, representing the most beautiful wood species in the world. Ideal for commercial interiors, Treefrog is available in pre-finished, post-formable, HPL-backed, furniture grade sheets.  

Treefrog is pre-finished (though we offer several unfinished paper-backed options). You’ll have no worries about how the wood will look when finish is applied. It already is!

Environmentally, Treefrog’s innovative process uses wood, a renewable resource.  And not just any wood. Treefrog’s process uses more commonly occurring and faster growing species, like poplar. Our veneers, produced in Italy, are certified E1, the lowest Europe-wide standard for formaldehyde release. Now with our FSC Collection we’re taking it a step further.  

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