Vergola: the World’s ‘Smartest’ Outdoor Roof

Vergola is the world’s first complete operable louvre roof that actually “thinks” for itself. The energy-efficient Vergola louvred pergola roof now comes with an innovative new remote control system and an optional rain sensor. This means the system will close automatically in rain and re-open in dry conditions. A smoke alert sensor and downlights are also available. The Vergola louvred pergola roof system attributes its unmatched performance to the simple and elegant design of its louvre. The dual skin aerofoil shape constructed from Colorbond steel, provides strength and durability. It also provides insulation from heat keeping the protected area below much cooler than can be achieved with other solid extruded systems. Vergola louvred pergolas are widely used as a protective cover for outdoor areas including decks, patios, courtyards, verandas and swimming pools. In commercial applications the Vergola system is the preferred choice for providing protected and ventilated outdoor areas in hospitality and corporate environments. With a Vergola louvred pergola roof system you can control sunlight and airflow to create a comfortable atmosphere all year round. Vergola is available in a wide range of colour combinations using powder coating as well as standard Colorbond® colours. In NSW, Vergola louvred pergola roof systems are manufactured and distributed exclusively by Vergola (NSW) Pty Ltd. Vergola (NSW) offers a seven-year guarantee on all structural components and a two-year unconditional warranty on all manufactured parts and service. And BlueScope Steel offers Vergola (NSW) clients an additional long-term guarantee on all Colorbond® products.

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