Crowne Slate Architectural Shingles by Asphalt Shingle Roofing Company

With Crowne Slate Architectural Shingles by Asphalt Shingle Roofing Company, the unique beauty of natural slate can be brought to your home without the expense, weight and maintenance worries of natural slate.   Thanks to Asphalt Shingle’s breakthrough development in roofing technology, Crowne Slate recreates the subtle colour and textural characteristics that make natural slate so popular through the hybrid two piece construction of modified bitumen shingles.  Every aspect of Crowne Slate’s construction and design has been used to contribute to its aethentic slate appearance, including its dimensional thickness and profile, contoured to evoke the appearance of natural slate tiles.  Especially engineered for resilience, durability, high tensile strength, easy handling and installation, Crowne Slate includes a lifetime limited warranty and 10 year IKO “Iron Clad” protection to ensure that you enjoy the beauty and high performance of your roof for years to come.   


Limited lifetime warranty  +  10 year IKO “Iron Clad” Protection   +  Algae resistant granules  +  High tensile strength  +  Tear resistance  +  Highly durable  +  Easy handling, installation and maintenance 


1003 x 336mm  +  Exposre: 254mm  +  Coverage per Bundle: 2.32m  +  Limited wind warranty  coverate up to 145 km/h or upgrade to 210 km/h     

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