Cambridge Laminated Shingles by Asphalt Shingle Roofing Company

Cambridge Laminated Shingles by Asphalt Shingle Roofing Company bring the beauty and depth of wood shakes to your roof without high maintenance.  The shingles use double-layer construction consisting of extra heavy fibre glass and a tough modified sealant to provide high durability and wind resistance.  Cambridge laminated shingles are a cost effective solution for residential applications with 30 – 50 years limited warranty, a class A fire resistance rating and 5 year IKO Iron Clad protection.  For a superior finish, match Cambridge laminated shingles with UltraHO high profile ridge cap shingles to accentuate roof-lines with dimension, depth and texture.  Cambridge Laminated Shingles come in a variety of natural colours which include: Castle Grey, Dual Black, Dual Grey, NW Harvard Slate, NSW Driftwood, Forest Green, Weatherwood, Earthtone Cedar and Aged Redwood.  


Cost-effective  +  Fibreglass asphalt shingles  +  Laminated Architectural design  +  Cambridge 50 AR & 30 AR feature an algae resistant granule  +  Class “A” Fire Resistance rating  +  Limited 30 – 50 year warranty  +  Includes 5 year IKO “Iron Clad” protection 


1029 x 343mm  +  Limited wind warranty of 145 km/h if installed with 6 nails, 177 km/h for Cambridge 50 AR, 129 km/h for Cambridge 40, 112 km/h for Cambridge 30 AR and 30 


Cambridge 50 AR  +  Cambridge 40 (Sumas and Calgary plants only) +  Cambridge 30 AR (Sumas plant only) +  Cambridge 30

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