HOUSE OF BAMBOO: Interior Wall and Ceiling Linings

House of Bamboos range for interior wall and ceiling linings include Re-Naturit®, Bamboo Ply, Palm Fibre, Closed and Open weave Cane Webbing.  The range is commonly used to create a certain atmosphere within a home, resort, or restaurant. Re-Naturit® is a wall lining made out of compressed pine, rush foliage, and compressed natural fibres.  It is commonly used with a complementing light as a feature wall because of its translucent characteristic.  Bamboo ply is made form compressed bamboo and is often used, but not limited to, wall lining.  It has also been used fin furniture and ceilings.  Palm Fibre comes is available in rolls.


Comes in 6 different heights and widths  +  Thickness range from 1mm to 7mm with varying strand thicknesses (7mm to 11mm)


Made out of natural products  +  Each panel is unique because it is handcrafted

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