Static Free Nylon Carpet Inspired by Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated is the textured carpet result of zooming into everyday wonders, emulating the ribs found in a cross-section of cardboard. This broadloom and eKo® modular carpet is part of J+J/Invision’s Magnify collection and coordinates to all three existing products: Stacked, Strapped and Rusted. Corrugated has been designed for exceptional depth, lustre and dimension, made from 100% Ultron Nylon BCF. Available in rich colourways that range from neutral beiges to dark brown, Corrugated is a modern carpet that is highly complimentary to any indoor setting.


Static free carpet  +  Carpet tiles  +  Striated texture  +  Nine colours  +  Multi-level tip sheer loop  +  Modular and broadloom carpet  +  Linear pattern  +  Space-dye yarn  +  Coordinates with existing Magnify products


100% Ultron® Nylon BCF (with permanent static protection)  +  Modular available with PVC-free eKo backing (NSF 140 Platinum Certified)  +  Broadloom available as standard on PremierBac® Plus backing (NSF 1400 Gold Certified)  +  28 oz. (w)

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