Slip-resistant safety flooring

The most complete ‘mix ‘n match’ safety and high-performance commercial flooring is now at the industry’s fingertips thanks to the new STEP collection from Forbo. New STEP is the first fully co-ordinated collection of slip-resistant safety flooring that provides options across barefoot safety, R10, R11 and R12 ranges.

Other unique attributes include the easy maintenance and static dissipative properties of SureStep PUR; an innovative carborundum/quartz particle blend that provides protection against slipping for much longer than conventional safety flooring; and pure vinyl wear layers for extreme durability, wear resistance and easy cleaning!

In the collection are:
– SureStep PUR for moderate increase of slip resistance; suitable for general purpose or hard wearing areas
– SafeStep Grip R10 offering good safety in wet areas, ideal for barefoot areas or where shoes with soft soles are worn
– SafeStep R11 for areas with a general need for enhanced slip resistance and to maintain hygiene standards
– SafeStep R12 for high slip resistance in the most extreme conditions

Thanks to the clever colour and pattern matching you can create a harmonious and complmentart environment, as well as a safe one!

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