Polished Concrete

Beauty and durability are stylishly coupled with Colour Concrete Systems’ Polished Concrete.  Conventionally seen as a utilitarian material, concrete renders are given a warm and charming appearance with a range of polishes. During the installation, pigments are added to the wet concrete mix and the slab is coloured even in section as opposed to a facade treatment.  When the concrete has fully cured and dried, it is grinded and polished to reveal the stone and natural colour the client has selected.  Mixtures can be customised, with individuals able to hand select from a range of concrete colours as well as the colour of the aggregate or stone. Polished concrete can be used in residential, commercial and public sites.


Outstanding durability  +  Easy to clean and maintain  +  Cost-effective  +  Stain resistant  +  allergy free  +  No grout lines and offers exceptional hygiene  +  can work with underfloor heating systems 

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