‘Mosaico’ collection

Stone Italiana has entered the world of mosaic tiles with the ‘Mosaico’ collection combining recomposed quartz and marble agglomerates with glass. The exclusive technical characteristics of reconstituted quartz and based agglomerates are available for the first time in a mosaic format, suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. It is an exclusive patented mosaic system in pre-finished tile format consisting of self-laying sheets on a flexible backing. Such flexibility even allows installation on a profiled surface, for example, a circular support column! Joints are pre-filled in production by a special polymeric sealant, thus eliminating any need for further grouting and cleaning during the whole installation process. This unique revolutionary stone –surface concept is available only from Stone Italiana in a total of 252 colour combinations in tile and patterned modules.

Our exclusive Mosaic range can only be viewed at our respective showrooms.

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