House of Bamboo Flooring

Get back to nature with House of Bamboo’s Flooring Lines, perfect for any area. All lines feature natural hues as there is no surface staining, and all possess a natural resistance to UV fading and are allergy free. Retardant to fire, termites, sunlight, chemical staining and surface damage, House of Bamboo’s floors are protected by multiple finishing with a premium protection coating, which ensures a non-slip surface. All lines are manufactured from approximately seven year old Moso bamboo timber, achieving optimal timber maturity. Lines available include strand woven bamboo flooring, horizontal bamboo flooring, and vertical bamboo flooring. Strand woven bamboo floors are sourced from solid mass bamboo, similar to natural timber flooring. Horizontal bamboo flooring is made from horizontally cut bamboo, resulting in bamboo knots being seen in a subtle and attractive pattern, and is similar to timber hardwoods. Finally, the vertical bamboo flooring available from House of Bamboo is made from bamboo lengths cut vertically, resulting in an attractive fine grain appearance.

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