Floorsafe Cable Covers

Floorsafe International has released a range of cable covers which are especially designed to stop the trip hazard of running cords along the ground or over carpet. Floorsafe Cable Covers are constructed from superior rubber compounds and they provide good vulcanising quality. Such products have high rated resistance to any tears, abrasion, cold, heat, water absorption and also oxidation. There are different covers which are available in order to secure 1, 2 or 3 cables with black, brown and grey finishes. Cover length varies from 0.9 to 3 meters. Floorsafe also offer adhesive covers which can secure cords and cables to carpet and rugs.

Washable and reusable + Available in yellow, black, grey and brown colours. + Easy to install and less chances of tripping over unsafe running chords. + Skid resistant grip which reduces slipping + Lays flat and is noiseless + Is dent proof and cost less to install + Is heat resistant with 300 degree Fahrenheit + Constructed from superior Rubber compound which offers an excellent vulcanizing quality + Has high rated resistance to elements like heat, cold, tearing, oxidation and water absorption

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