Equine Flooring

Made of a combination of recycled rubber and non-toxic polyurethanes, Rephouse Evopave and Evoflex are manufactured in such a way as to be virtually indestructible and yet be environmentally friendly at the same time. Rephouse Equien Rubber Flooring has been installed at such top class facilities as the 2004 Athens Olyumpics, Flemington Racecourse and Macau Jockey Club, to name but a few.

Evopave Rubber Interlocking Pavers are fully elastic, weather proof, water permeable, frost proof, durable and slip resistant. They are constructed of tough rubber particles that are bound by an MDI polyurethane binder. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and colour options to suit any private or public environment.

Evoflex Seamless Equine Flooring is unique: the floor is totally seamless and therefore bacteria and waste can be kept to a minimum. The finished surface is like sandpaper, to ensure good grip and slip resistance.

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