C&A Floor Coverings

GEO Flooring is the sole distributor of C&A Floor Coverings in Australia.

C&A earned a Best of NeoCon Gold Award at the 2006 NeoCon World Trade Fair in Chicago, for its new modular collection ‘Beneath the Surface Strata’ by Suzanne Tick.

The “Beneath the Surface Strata Collection” includes FreeForm™ , a revolutionary design technique for modular carpet pioneered by C&A By dissecting traditionally formatted patterns and reassembling them in a variable arrangement, a totally asymmetrical version of the original pattern emerges.

For more than 30 years C&A has been proud of its leadership in innovative technologies that provide functional performance and measurable environmental benefits. In fact, C&A was the first carpet manufacturer to have a fully operational closed-loop program to reclaim vinyl backed floor coverings into 100% recycling into ER3 floor coverings. C&A has modular and roll goods products that cater for Aged Care, Health Care, Education, Retail, Hospitality, and Commercial Office.

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