Rembrandt Water Based Stains

The Rembrandt Surface Colouring System, brought to you by Concrete Colour Systems, is an ideal interior finish solution for existing interior concrete surfaces.  Existing surfaces are covered with a 2mm – 4mm resurfacing compound that is finished with attractive water based stains available in a range of colours and textures.  Through troweling and colouring techniques professional applicators can produce a range of textures and finishes that include anything from marble, sandstone, tiles and wood grain in a variety of colour combinations, always producing unique results.  A special Concrete Colour Systems sealer protects the stained concrete from dirt and grime, making maintenance and hygiene easy.  Rembrandt Surface Colouring contains low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and is suitable for sound, uncoated concrete in internal residential and light commercial floors.  


Unlimited style and colour  +  Unique results  +  Marble, sandstone, tiles and wood grain textures available  +  Easy maintenance  +  Environmentally friendly,  +  Cost-effective  +  Hygienic  +


The CCS Rembrandt Colour System is made up of five parts:- Part 1: CCS Resurfacing Compound  +  Part 2: CCS Super Polymer  +  Part 3: CCS scribes and/or filament tape designs  +  Part 4: CCS Rembrandt Water Colours  +  Part 5: CCS top coat sealer (various sealers available).

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