ProtectGuard Color

With its water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-soiling properties, ProtectGuard Color offers total protection for all kind of vertical concretes

  • It prevents most common causes of degradation such as water, oil, atmospheric pollution and all types of soiling, as well as giving the treated surface a uniform shaded colouring. This thus ensures the longevity of the treated surfaces.
  • ProtectGuard Color is not a coating. It is a protective treatment in aqueous phase specifically suited for all kind of vertical concretes including regular concrete, reinforced concrete, fiber concrete and UHPC. The treatment's semi-transparency respects the material's mineral properties.
  • The finished colour is dependent on both the colour of ProtectGuard Color and the background colour of the surface. ProtectGuard Color can be used to either modify the surface colour or to homogenise a surface's appearance.
  • ProtectGuard Color is non-film forming. The substrate remains permeable to air and water vapour. ProtectGuard Color provides excellent resistance to aging and UV.
  • ProtectGuard Color: The aesthetic solution for all surfaces.

  • ProtectGuard Color is used to make uniform and correct the aesthetic appearance of porous substrates: concrete, single-layer coating, porous natural stone, and composite stones.
  • ProtectGuard Color can be applied to newly laid concrete, or older works (it is very resistant to alkaline environments), on vertical and horizontal (ceilings) substrates, both indoors and outdoors.
  • ProtectGuard Color: The ideal solution to embellish material surfaces.

  • ProtectGuard Color is a decorative product that adds value to architectural creation without changing the mineral properties. ProtectGuard Color enables designers to give an aesthetic dimension to art work with the possibility to 'play' with matt or gloss colour finishing, and even special effects (metal, pearlescence, iridescent).
  • Guard Industry helps those specifying or using ProtectGuard Color to be specific with colour which is affected by the condition of the substrate and the desired finish (colorimetric colouration, decorative creation, refurbishment).
  • ProtectGuard Color system: bespoke colouring

  • The ProtectGuard Color colour chart includes 42 standard colours and 8 'special' colours. A standard colour has an opacity index of 100. Guard Industry can alter those colours and offer a higher or lower level of opacity (50% or 10%), while keeping the same protection properties. The final colour of a treated substrate will always be the combination of the treatment colour and the colour of the substrate. A colour with a low opacity index will offer less obliteration. In that case, the surface's initial colour will have a greater impact on the final colour. Depending on the client's or the project's specific needs, Guard Industry can make custom-made colours.

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