Petrol Resistant Sealer

CCS Petrol Resistant Sealer is a high quality semi gloss acrylic coating for concrete or masonry surfaces, especially in carparks, service stations, or other areas of vehicular traffic. It has a unique formulation which prevents it from softening on contact with petrol, as standard sealers tend to do. This sealer is especially formulated for surfaces which are exposed to mild solvents and petrol, and has exceptional chemical stability, durability and petrol stain resistance and mild solvents. *FEATURES* Designed to provide a concrete surface treatment for service stations, factory floors and workshops where chemical and petrol spills can be hazardous with conventional concrete sealers + Designed as a two coat system for high density surfaces + Provides excellent protection against fading or any leeching of oxides in concrete and staining due to contaminants like dirt, oil or grease + Available in clear, black or shale grey colours + Provided in 20 litre and 200 litre drums

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