MicroFloor and MicroSeal Flooring

For interior flooring, Quantum offers the MicroFloor and MicroSeal floor finishes. Used together, the products ensure a smooth surface finish that is hardwearing and durable.

A sealant that acts as the foundation for subsequent coats of Quantum’s MicroFloor, MicroSeal is a non toxic, non flammable sealant. MicroSeal is suitable for most prepared timber flooring, and can be applied using a brush or mohair roller. The fast drying sealant is touch dry in 30 minutes, and can accept normal traffic after three days.

The MicroFloor Urethane finish is tannin resistant and non toxic, with a low odour and self levelling finish. Intended for application with a brush or short nap roller, MicroFloor causes minimal grain rising on most woods. Touch dry within 30 minutes, MicroFloor finished floors can withstand normal traffic after three days.

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