Kiesel Primer

Kiesel’s versatile range of surface preparation products provide extremely fast setting characteristics with outstanding work-ability and a reliable performance even under the most demanding circumstances, all with very low VOC emissions.

Polyflor’s Kiesel Okatmos EG 20 Fast Setting Primer is part of a new range of primers, screeds and adhesives suitable for Polyflor’s variety of flooring solutions. Okatmos EG 20 dries quickly, is solvent free and features low emissions which makes it perfect for one-day installations in new and old indoor spaces. The primer is for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates and can be diluted with water on concrete substrates.

Kiesel Okapox GF is a solvent and water free, very low emission thin two-component epoxy primer for the preparation of absorbing and non-absorbing substrates before patching, sealing and floor installation. Suitable for a wide variety of materials, Okapox GF provides a high flexural strength, adhesive strength, compressive strength and abrasion resistance, resists water, lye, acids, salt water as well as grease and fuel. It can be use as moisture barrier on cement based substrates and can be used as binder for epoxy mortars.

Kiesel Okatmos DSG is a solvent-free, sanitising moisture barrier and primer with a high bond strength for well-prepared substrates. It is for use on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates before levelling, sealing, thin-bed tile installation or the installation of textile/flexible floor surfaces and parquet/engineered wood flooring. Okatmos DSG can be used as moisture controlled dispersion primer on cementitious substrates such as cement screeds or concrete barrier against excessive moisture.

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