Hanafinn SKAVENJA™ non-acidic multifunction cleaner by Dry-treat

Dry-treat’s newest product, the Hanafinn SKAVENJA™ is a non-acidic gel that removes grout haze, efflorescence and rust stains. SKAVENJA™  works as a multifunction cleaner by detecting and dissolving cement grout, efflorescence, rust marks or any other contaminant. Once dissolved, the contaminants can be rinsed away from acid sensitive surfaces like marble, limestone, travertine and concrete. The SKAVENJA’s™  gel consistency makes it a perfect cleaner for horizontal and vertical porous surfaces in any commercial or residential setting.


Non-acidic multifunction cleaner + Effective efflorescence, grout haze and rust stain remover + Scavenja can be undiluted or dissolved 1 : 5 parts water + No need for strong acid cleaning + Gel ideal for cleaning horizontal and vertical porous + Multifunction cleaner for marble, limestone, travertine and concrete.


SKAVENJA™ 948 mL in a plastic container + SKAVENJA™ 3.79 L in a plastic container.

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