Enhance-Plus Treatment Solution

Enhance-Plus is a breathable surface treatment that provides lasting enrichment for stain and color protection on terracotta tile, concrete, cast stone, limestone, pavers, marble, granite, grout, and terrazzo. The resulting surfaces can be easily cleaned, maintained, and kept looking at their best for far longer than those that remain unprotected and exposed to the elements. Conventional applications include building facades, garages, entertaining areas, kitchens, garages, patios, walls, and floors. Enhance-Plus is freeze-thaw stable, and contains around 40% active content blended in to a safe, odourless solvent.

Deep enrichment of natural color + Hides imperfections and scratches + Facilitates simpler cleaning by repelling soiling and stains + Perfect for outdoor or indoor use + Resistant to acid etching + 5-year performance warranty

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