Dry-Treat STAIN-PROOF™ World leading invisible, impregnating sealer, for protecting natural stone, terracotta, tiles, paving, concrete and grout. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces from patios to public malls to counter tops. Advantages: · Specially engineered molecules penetrate deeper and bond permanently so lasts many times longer than other impregnating sealers. · 15 year warranty when applied by accredited applicator. · Easy application. · Premium protection against staining, salt efflorescence, spalling. · Retards moss / mildew growth. · Food safe; UV resistant. · Makes cleaning easier. No special cleaners required – even stands up to commercial cleaning techniques such as pressure hosing. References include: Thousands of homes; New BBC Scotland headquarters; Hay St Mall, Perth; Victoria National Art Gallery; even the US embassy in Bulgaria.

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