Dry-Treat CONCRÈME™ low VOC permanent bonding silane

CONCRÈME™ by Dry Treat is a specialist civil engineering product that uses the ultimate technology for protecting engineering concrete and masonry from water damage. CONCRÈME™ is a revolution: the world’s only low-VOC permanent bonding silane that passes world’s best low VOC silane standards. Permanent bonding silanes have been regularly used across the world for more than fifty years as the best protective sealer for large concrete structures especially in salt water. However silanes produce VOC emissions during the bonding process and so their use is limited or banned. *FEATURES* Maintain surfaces looking good for longer + Non-film-forming deep penetration + Very alkali resistant + Powerful resistance to weather and traffic + Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including marine infrastructure such as wharves and jetties, road and rail bridge decks, building facades, car parks and swimming pool surrounds. It is an ideal product for the preservation of infrastructure.

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