Dry-Treat 100N Sealant

Dry-Treat 100N is an impregnating, breathable and invisible sealer which protects engineering concrete from water and sodium damage. Through these products one can maintain a clean marble surface for extended periods of time. The products offer lasting protection for engineering concrete. Dry-Treat 100 N is suitable for a number of applications including, marine infrastructure bridges and jetties. It is also used in car parks, swimming pool areas and building facades. The product repels water and water borne chloride ion salts.

Keeps the original surface look + Can minimise moss growth Excellent chloride ion salt screen + Ideal for marine and pool areas + Protect tiles and marble against any weather conditions

100 per cent active ingredient + Alkaline resistant + 30 year performance warranty + Each coat of 0.3 litre per square mile means a total of one litre for per 1.66 sq m + 20 and 200 litre steel drums

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