DEFLECTA® SURFACE BINDER is a water based clear semi-gloss acrylic concrete surface sealer.

DEFLECTA® SURFACE BINDER is a water borne concrete sealer designed for use on concrete to provide a clear semi-gloss surface seal. It can be used internally for commercial or light industrial applications. HACCP Australia endorses this floor surfacing as being suitable in food processing and food handling environments in facilities that operate in accordance with the HACCP based Food Safety Programme.

This product can be used in hospitals, aged and child care, schools, sports centres, basements, carparks, food processing and manufacturing, cool rooms and freezers and warehouses.

Product Benefits

  • Clear concrete surface sealer
  • Prevents surface dusting
  • Hardens Surface
  • Water repellent
  • Improves traction and adhesion
  • Retards staining to concrete surface
  • Stays pliable allowing concrete to breath
  • Assist Bacteria Control
  • Low VOC* – 20grams per litre – Green Building Council of Australia Specification Max for Interior Sealer is 65grams per litre
  • 100% bio-degradable water based
  • OH&S benefits
  • Oil-Wet Ramp Slip Resistance – R11
  • Wet Slip Resistance = W (low risk of contributing to slipping when wet)

Note: Slip resistance will depend on concrete surface finish

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