Anti-Graffiti Systems by Ace Waterproofing

The Biodegradable Graffiti remover (BGR) and ‘No more Graffiti’ (NMG) by Ace Waterproofing offer two environmentally friendly anti-graffiti solutions for timber, masonry and most other surfaces.  The BGR is made from biodegradable, low odour, low toxic and water-soluble ingredients that are effective but gentle graffiti removers.  Graffiti can be removed from less robust surfaces like timber without causing any damage.  NMG is an environmentally friendly water-based sacrificial wax coating that offers surfaces protection from graffiti and other staining substances.  The coating works by forming a thin and non-visible film across surfaces when applied that resists the adhesion of graffiti paints.  The anti-graffiti solutions offer rapid removal of graffiti most effective within 24 – 48 hours and provide protection from mineral masonry surfaces prone to staining.   


Environmentally friendly  +  Water-based  +  Protection from or removal of graffiti  +  Ideal for most timber and masonry surfaces

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