Ceilink Panels from Versiclad

Ceilink is an innovative, insulated ceiling from Versiclad that can be installed on an existing single skin roof, lined over an existing wall, or used on new building projects. Versiclad has designed Ceilink panels in a choice of 2 prefinished white steel ceiling faces – insulated with a polystyrene core, and protected with foil sarking on its top layer. The Ceilink system can be used for residential, commercial and industrial solutions. It can instantly insulate patios, glass rooms, factories, offices, garages and any room or space where temperature needs to be regulated and controlled for comfort.  For superior insulation and the most modern, clean and streamlined ceiling panels, Ceilink Versiclad ceilings are a premium choice.


Easy to install light 900mm wide panel  +  Unsupported spans of up to 4m  +  Excellent thermal performance  +  Fire retardant EPS insulated core dramatically reduces radiant heat transfer, mould and condensation  +  Excellent noise absorption properties.


Mass kg/m2: 3.85  +  Joining System: Interlocking tongue and groove on long edge  +  Polystyrene Core  +  Foil Backing  +  Noise Absorption: NRC 0.15  +  Mean R Value: 2.28 k/w per m2 (assuming a 100mm cavity)  +  Framing System: Extruded aluminium angle. 


Stucco  +  Smooth

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