Zero Emission Office Buildings with Danpalon Multicell 10mm Translucent Cladding

*Zero Emission Office Building, Coffs Harbour, NSW by Reiner Schimminger of Schimminger Architects*

The core idea of this project was to design and construct a small ‘Zero Emission’ office building, to show that such a goal is both attainable and affordable. A year into its occupation, and the building is a resolute success. As intended, electricity consumption is 25 kWH/sqm per annum, well below the average for an office building of the same size; net import from the grid was 1209 kWH (100% ‘green power’, to be reduced in the future by the addition of solar cells); and greenhouse gas emissions were calculated at zero. The north and south façades are made from 65% Danpalon Multicell 10mm Reflective Grey, with the remaining 35% made from Pilkington Evergreen clear glazing in fixed and louvred panels: a combination that admits enough daylighting for the offices to operate entirely without artificial lighting throughout the day.

Semi-transparent: reduces artificial lighting needs during the day, radiates light at night + Can be used as a feature wall/panel with bright colours and/or graphics + Good thermal insulating properties – reduces the need for artificial heating/cooling + Strong yet lightweight + A wide range of colours, finishes, thicknesses and lengths + Easy to install modular system + Enhanced UV protection

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