Windscreen Clamps by CR Laurence

CR Laurence’s range of windscreen clamps have been designed as an effective way of attaching a glass façade to any structure. The clamps are composed of a matte polished stainless steel which provides a sleek modern aesthetic that doesn’t compromise the quality of the glass. The component is used ideally to attach a glass pane onto the front of a wall or planter box, and as such there is a vast number of arrangements for the component’s connection. Furthermore in terms of its mounting attachment there are no mounting anchors or screws included instead a prefabricated back plate that accepts 8 millimetre flathead screws. The clamps are designed for the attachment of glass that is 10mm thick or 12mm thick tempered glass.



316 Grade Stainless Steel in Two Architectural Finishes + accepts 8mm (5/16”) flathead screws + glass fabrication requires two ¾” (19mm) holes per clamp + for 3/8” or 1/12” tempered onolithic glass and 9/16” (13.52mm) Tempered Laminate Glass.

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