Viridian IntruderGuard security glass

Viridian IntruderGuard resembles normal glass, but provides a strong barrier against forced entry that is twenty times harder than normal glass, thanks to Viridian’s interlayer, which is four times thicker than normal laminated glass. This serves as an enduring and resilient barrier to protect any potential vulnerable entry points across a wide spectrum of applications such as shopfronts and shop windows, display rooms, galleries and any other commercial glazed frontage.

20 times harder than normal glass + Interlayer 4 times thicker than standard laminated glass + Improved resistance to accidental impact + Lessens fading of furnishings by absorbing up to 99% of UV radiation + Available in Viridian, tint, or clear ComfortPlus + Lessens non-desirable noise + Thickness of lamination varying between 6.52 and 7.52 mm

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