Viridian DecorPattern Glass panels

Viridian DecorPattern is a patterned glass product designed to provide a diverse range of decorative glass finishes. Viridian DecorPattern is produced by passing a molten glass ribbon in a continuous manner between two rollers, one of which comprises of a pattern that creates a permanent impression on the glass. Despite its delicate aesthetics, Viridian DecorPattern possesses every attribute of glass: ease of cleaning and maintenance, long-term durability, and resistance against marking and scratching. Common applications include interior partitions, feature panels and windows.

Stocked by the majority of distributors (easy to source) + Manufactured using recycled glass + Can be laminated or toughened to ensure Grade A safety + Toned and white options including wired-glass options for Grade B safety + Cost-effective means of glass decoration and permanent privacy

Seadrift + Glue Chip + Broadline + Narrow Reeded + Strata + Sparkle + Kosciusko + Roughcast + Satinlite + Satinlite Low Iron + Sportswood + New Cathedral + Flemish + Scintila + Squarelte + Polished Wire

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