Viridian AssaultGuard

Viridian AssaultGuard is a cost-effective method of providing an obstacle to forced entry, while still maintaining glass clarity and transparency. Viridian AssaultGuard incorporates interlayers four times thicker than those manufactured in standard laminates, and has been designed for resisting attack from spectrum of hand tools often utilised for forced entry, such as wood splitters, crowbars, and hammers. AssaultGuard is suitable for low-to-medium applications where commercial-level security is a priority, as well as commercial applications at high-risk of break-in, like doorways, windows, and vulnerable shopfronts.

Resists forced entry and penetration + Provides protection against ultra-violet radiation + Can easily be supplied with privacy and solar energy properties + Can withstand repeated blows from heavy objects like crowbars, hammers, and bricks.

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